Matinee movement track on multiple actors

I have some different actors (all spheres) that i want to move along a path (circular) and they also need to roll when they are moving, so i tried this using matinees movement track and attached all spheres to one parent (the first sphere), but all the the other spheres move relative to the first one so if i rotate the childs will rotate on the axis of the parent and not around there own axis. and also they wont follow a path.

would this be possible using matinee? or what would be the best way to achieve this?

i thought of making a parent in the middle of the circular path and rotate around that axis but then the wont roll when moving, so maybe i should make a rolling animation separately. which will triggered when they move?

the spheres will not constantly move, what i want to make is sort of a 3d gallery where the focus is on one sphere and if you want to see the next one, roll that sphere toward you and the other one away towards the background.

Dont use Matinee for this. Create an actor BP and place your spheres inside it, then you can animate them either by setting their rotation with a timeline or by using add relative rotation. You may even use Rotating Movement Component i guess.