Matinee Material Animation doesn't work

This here doesn’t work: https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Matinee/HowTo/MHT_6/index.html
I tried scalar as well as vector, it just happens nothing. With a timeline float and a Material Parameter Collection in a blueprint it works fine but I want to have it with my matinee setup so I can animate it with the other things.

Btw, Material Parameter Collections for Timeline animations are quite awful, not just because of the around corners setup but also because you are not able to set anything for the previewing of the material.

Have you done everything like in this tutorial: :slight_smile:

Wait, do you also have to reference every actor in matinee that uses the material? Would be pretty crazy since basically the whole world uses the same here.

Tried it and it worked that way but I can’t use it for what I want because it converts the actors I add in matinee to dynamic and I have to add every single environment actor of my map into it which is probably a bad idea.
In the UDK it was no problem to just only reference the material in matinee could be though that it also only worked with dynamic actors. With Material Parameter Collection on the other hand it also works with static actors but I can’t get that into the matinee.