Matinee Issue with Collision

If I place the stock floor 400x400 architecture on a map and use matinee to move it around. It no longer provides any collision?
If I drop one on the same map and do not change the mobility from Static to moveable its fine.

I want it to act as a lift. and carry my player, however my player falls through it. any thoughts?

Update: my player is a physics actor, It collides with everything else… why wont it with a floor attached to a mantinee?

I hate to be a post necromancer but I am coming across the same problem.

When I trigger ragdoll mode on my character actor (physicsbody collision), it no longer collides with any mesh actor that is being moved via matinee. Like above, it interacts fine with everything else while in that collision mode.

Anyone have any solutions or work-around for this?

Are you using the ‘use complex as simple’ option on the mesh? That only works on ‘static’ objects.

I don’t believe so.

Also, again, the problem only happens when the character is in ragdoll mode:

I do that by enabling “Simulate Physics” for the character mesh:

I’ve tried moving the mesh through timeline as well–same results.

Wow, I feel silly. JamesG, you were correct. I set the collision back to default for the mesh, and voila. It works now. Thank you!