Matinee Help

Hi Guys, using UE4 and have a side scrolling level with some changes, and problems…

I first had a problem when the character you play as (from the default blueprint side scroller template) doesnt seem to interact with any type of trigger volume properly, i have a rigged fix for this in that i have a blocking volume you run into and when you hit it, it fires (checked in blueprints). When it fires it should play a simple matinee camera sequence which i mapped out - all works except for the fact it doesnt show up on the players screen, i checked the content examples matinee but it doenst lend any lavours since it has a ‘directors shot’ under a directors group which i cannot figure out how to get.

Sorry if this is in the wrong area or incredibly stupid but i am fairly new… Thank you in advance and i hope it is very simple to fix!

This is a bit of an illustration of the problem

Hi Invisible. It looks like you’re missing a keyframe on your director track to cut to your camera. Try selecting your director track and pressing Enter. You should get a dialog allowing you to choose which track you want to cut to. Set it to your NewCameraGroup and see if that doesn’t fix your issue.

Adric thanks you are a life saver! Thank you!

Good thread.

I am new to matinee. I am not using a camera but want to trigger actor movement or rotate an object by any type of trigger so I can
apply it and make use out of the lesson. Stupid question but how do I trigger a matinee? I added the Director’ group and pointed it to the actor (mesh).

figured it out. Selected the matinee dragged and right clicked in the blueprint level editor, searched for play and added a key input trigger. Simple.