Matinee capture issues

I am trying to realize a short video sequence with matinee. I followed some tutorials to learning how to create a video sequence and export it to png sequence.
I have created camera animation and, in blueprint level, I have created a " matinee play on loaded level " So If I launch play a window opens and i see the camera animation. Now when I open matinee editor and I wanna export frames, when I click ok on the movie window, a new window opens but I see only the player start position and not the matinee camera. While all this happens, in the output folder i see created frames witch shows the player position start. Where I am wrong?

Do you have an director group ? If not add a new director group and add a keyframe with your camera

Yes I have director group with camera added

can you show us your matinee and blueprint setup ?

Ok. Sorry for bad quality i made this video in few minutes. I hope you can find the solution.