Matinee and character animation


Thanks for all the amazing help I keep getting from the community.

I have a character with movement speed and walking animation handled by blend space in animation blueprint and it works very nice when moving character around in world using normal “add movement input”.

However, I want to make a matinee sequence of the same character moving around in my world. No longer can I get the velocity vector variable to feed the blend space animation in animation blueprint (I guess this is becuase there is no velocity added by matinee).

Does anyone have an idea of how I can get “speed of movement” while actor is being moved as part of matinee sequence?

I would rather not manually try to match movement speed to speed of animation etc and would like to use my blendspace to do it dynamically. I work in blueprint only for this project.


One way to do it is to feed axis values to the pawn(the character) via float property tracks in Matinee in level blueprint. I havent tried this myself but it makes sense to me for now. You may need to create variables for axis values and make sure Expose to Matinee is enabled in their properties.

Let us know if it works!

Thanks a lot Jacky will try it now!

Hi again Jacky,

sorry but you might need to elaborate a bit on how I can get speed from axis values?

I figured out how to set “speed” float in the matinee and feed that value to the blendspace (ie adjusting speed variable with a curve in matinee). So I could try to visually debug it and try to match “speed curve” with “movement curves” sort of in Matinee. But it would never be as nice as if I could simply get the speed of matinee movement of the mesh and then feed it to the blendspace like I want to.

Hmm. Is the animation out of sync with the movement speed or are there any jittering issues? Is it ease in/out of the movement track causing the problem? Can you post some screenshots(or a video if possible) please?

I made a blueprint script that passed “speed” from character blueprint to blendspace by comparing two vectors and getting speed from that while Matinee was playing. Not perfect but it worked untill I make more elegant solution. Admin can mark this topic is closed. Thanks