Materials turn to average color instead of syncing up with UVs/properly displaying the textures?

Hello! I’m at a loss and could use some help

My team and I are trying to get 3D models into our game, and each of the characters are multi-sub objects with at least 2 materials associated with them (one for body and one for face animations). We create them in Maya and I’m not entirely sure which side the issue occurs on.

What happens is the materials for the characters sort of completely blend out, so that when we have, say, a brown wood floor texture on them with outlines for wood panels, they just turn a murky brown color without the actual texture showing. We were trying to figure it out earlier when it was just on the faces and the character’s face turned olive green instead of a neon green stripe and a red stripe.
The code behind the materials is the same for all characters, and while some of them get the murky blend, we have one character that is completely correct with all of the UVs and textures in the right place. His Maya settings are the same as everyone else and I didn’t make the changes to the UVs in any other way compared to the others.

Would it be the export file type? UV sets? Bad luck? Please help

It sounds as though the colors are being mixed together. green stripe + red stripe = olive green, though not sure of the murky brown in the wood textures…

What are the Maya export settings? and what are the Unreal import settings? Please include the entire set of settings for Unreal import. There’s also a difference in texturing between the two programs. So try opening the textures in Unreal by first opening a material in the material editor, and then double-clicking the texture(s) to see and modify their settings. Or double-click the texture(s) in the content browser directly from in-editor (not material editor), although with the material editor open it may be easier to preview and save changes before accepting and having them render in the viewport.