Materials revert when you edit an actor in any way

When I apply a material to an actor and then I move it, it reverts to its original material. Not sure if intended, but would love it if we had the ability to permanently change the materials on actors.

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Is this a Fortnite ‘Prop’ (ie a Blueprint you created), or just a FortSMActor (ie you just dragged the mesh directly into the level)? If it’s a Prop, could you try just adding it as a FortSMActor? Maybe there is some logic the building code that replaces the material.

It was a primitive flat cube. Anything that comes from the Fortnite catalog falls into the same category. If I make a new cube from modeling mode, it keeps the texture.

Would be nice if we could swap textures on FN assets as well, so we could texture walls with textures that fit the environment (some walls have an unwanted texture on one side but a useful one on the other). If we could do this, it would be a game-changer for us.

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