Materials: MatLayerBlend_Standard

Hello community!

I have been having a @^&% of a time getting :: :: this tutorial to work. I have everything setup using constants in the material functions (since in my research it was brought up that parameters break material functions. The problem arises when trying to attach the MatLayerBlend_Standard (Float 3 error) to the material base-color node. If I break the MatLayerBlend_Standard then hook it up to the Base-Color node it seems like all of the functionality in the material functions is lost (or at least it’s not compiling when I mess around with the darn sliders). I couldn’t really find a great deal about what causes Float 3 errors either; believe me I have googled my fingers raw and I’m half an inch from a table-throw.

If anyone could shed some light or point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated!


In case this isn’t resolved. The easiest way to fix is to Add the Starter Content. In Content browser press ‘Add new’ and select ‘Add feature or content pack’, select Starter Content and once done, restart Editor.

Hope this helps.

in case this really hasnt been answered yet. In the details panel of the material, make sure “use material attributes” is checked. This will allow you to connect the blend node into the material.