Materials look odd

For some reason in my project all SD materials look weird, kinda like flat / washed out etc. I started a fresh scene, imported everything again on a cube as a test and did the same in the sun temple demo… I removed all post effects and then set up lighting values etc. to match each other, I then had a look through the project / rendering settings and finally just in case had a look at the MIP values (although they should be the same as they’re default) . As these are fresh imports with basic hookups for materials (default SD import), they should look the same right?

There must be something I’m missing, can anyone please assist?


Maybe I’m missing something, but where are your normals?

Sixth icon along on the left hand side screenie, I know it looks odd but shows up correctly in the mat editor (substances are set to DX normals). It doesn’t seem to happen with Skylights (especially baked HDRI), it’s the directional light just wiping out any trace of colour / depth / mips…

Now I know what to look for I can start finding a resolution.