Materials from blender doesn't load, how can i solve it?

Hi, im new in UE4 and i’ve watching tutorials but i got “error” The materials doesn’t load.
I use Blender to create the models and Cycles to create the materials, all fine but when i exported (in FBX) Unreal Engine doesn’t load the materials. Maybe is a stupid question and have simple solution but I need your help

well. the reasin is simple :slight_smile: most of the materials are not compatible, and UE works with PBR shading, that is pretty different from cgi shaders so. i m affraid you ll have to do you mats in UE

So i can’t use cycles and use Blender intern or have to use UE4 to create the materials

what i meant is that materials don’t “work” the same way in blender/cycle and in UE. it s very different, so you have to make your mats in UE.
you should take a look at this :A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums
and maybe to the content exemple scene, in the material level. you may find usefull thing in there

Ok thanks for your help. I gonna try it