Material question

I noticed this in the Blueprint Examples , it’s a sign that has a material which is a collection of a variety of signs, however i cannot seem to see a mask or anything similar in the objects material, so how come this Caution sign is the only thing visible and not any of the other materials in the texture?

The placement of that texture is being controlled by the uv map. I’ll post a screenshot in 5 minutes of the exported mesh in 3ds Max…

Here :slight_smile:


Indeed this is controlled by the mesh’s UVs.

Alternatively, you could map any UVs to any part of an atlas texture using the TextureCropping material function. In that way, you could use a single mesh for all of the different signs on the atlas to avoid having duplicate meshes that only have different UVs. Or you might want to have one mesh for the square signs and another mesh for the 1:2 aspect ratio signs so that the round corners don’t squash with scaling.


That’s a very useful node there RyanB :slight_smile:
Thanks for the tip :wink:

i appreciate the effort you went through, i did check the uv’s inside unreal but they looked alot different