Material Property For Loop

Hi all, I have a somewhat straight forward question :
Can you loop an array of values in a material? I know there isn’t an actual for loop node, but maybe with a custom code node? The uses of this would be large, and quite awesome. Currently I have a post process that does this :

It’d be cool if somehow an array of vectors could be stored for multiple characters in the game, or any other instance. I know I could just use a material parameter collection with multiple values and just have a material with that many functions, but it’d be nice to have a sort of dynamic way to do this.

Thanks in advance,

P.S. I know the effect in the screen shot could be achieved with decals, I’m just actually finding that there are many applications this would be useful.

You can! But currently you need to use the custom code node to do this. Try looking at the Parallax Occlusion Mapping material for a practical example of a custom node for loop.