Material not displaying on static mesh?

As shown above, I have two static meshes - one is the Shape_Cube FBX included in the starter content. when I apply a material, it displays as I would expect it to.
however, when i create an fbx in blender and import it, the material only seems to affect the color of the cube. whats going on?

UV channels? number of triangles/verticies?

wow, that was super easy. i skimmed this and it worked on the first try.

thanks a lot. would you recommend anything in particular to learn about meshes / materials?

Did you unwrap the UV’s for that cube in Blender?

Well that is a wide topic. You can start with the documentation, Wiki and the forums(there are some Blender pipeline threads in the forums you can find if you search.) Don’t hesitate to ask around in the forums whenever you get stuck and cant find the solution.