Material node to turn materials on or off for Ray Trace


I have read that you can create a material node that changes a material based on Normal or Raytrace mode. Seen here under the Materials section. Is there a node that can trigger whether or not a material receives RTX or not? For example I want to use RTX for reflections but only for my wood materials and glass surfaces. The rest can remain screen. Interior scenes get so bogged down if everything is receiving RTX reflections so I think it would be great to have the freedom to choose which materials are affected.

Hope that makes sense…


No. There is not. However if wood and glass are the only smooth materials, just use max roughness.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few static meshes with materials that are smooth and would kill the frame rate. This current scene was not really optimized for RTX as it was an old project. But regardless, you suggest lowering the Ray Tracing Max Roughness on Reflections…? That would improve overall performance?