Material/mic: node with definable inputs possible to change one map instead of many same?

Hi all,

is there a node wich allows switching only one instead of tons of same textures used in the parent?
Or is it possible to build a nested network in a parent material?

What I’m talking about:
In StarterContent there are materials like “M_CobbleStone_Rough”. This material uses one color map and one normal map but 10-12 times each. Every of them is driven with different UV settings (“bump offsets”) wich makes one belive in a very convincingly depth. If you use this as a parent material, you have to change maps in the instance more than 30 time each instance.

What I’m looking for is a node, a kind of placeholder wich can have definable inputs (like the UV offsets) and corresponding outputs but with one slot for the texture. This should be used as parameter for the instance, I don’t know how to build that or where to find, if any. Don’t know if its understandable so I made a small fake-view of such a node, see attachment.
Probably I’m looking totally in the wrong direction and a solution has to be a completely other way.

Thanks for any help!

Problem solved.
The “function” I was looking for is already built in :slight_smile:
Using many of the same parametrical texture nodes (TextureSampleParameter) and probably naming them the same will lead to only one slot of each texture group in the Instance Parameter Groups.