Material looks different ingame and in material editor

My material is much darker ingame than in the material editor:

Ingame, the material is recieving a cubemap from a SphereReflectionCapture using “Engine/MapTemplates/Sky/DaylightAmbientCubemap”, is lit by a directional light and a Skylight using the same cubemap, and auto exposure is disabled (both min and max brightness are 1.0), and it is not using screen space reflections (the roughness is forced much lower than this material’s roughness so it never gets used). Fiddling with these settings hasn’t helped much - I like the way the rest of the scene looks, I just want this material to look the way it does in the material editor.

The material editor preview is a horrible approximation for most materials. Just use a VectorPatermeter to control the color if you want to see updates to a material in the actual scene while you’re making a material.