Material Layers not showing in-game

Hello everyone,

I’m just starting with using the ARK Dev Kit, and I’m stuck in the most basic of issues: what I paint in the editor, does not appear in the game.

I create a new landscape, I select MI_NewIsland and MI_NewIsland_hole as the main materials, I set the proper layers (all taken from the default folder) and I paint with two of the layers, grass and sand. So far so good.

Then I cook the map, upload to steam, and open the map in the game, only to find that my map only shows one single texture… and none of the ones I painted it with.

I already tried copying the materials in my mod’s folder… I changed the materials to the old ones (islandWithMasks instances)… I even copied the whole Landscape folder into my mod’s folder… I reassigned the layers to be properly directed to my mod’s folder… and nothing. Everytime I go ingame, none of the textures I used shows up.

I configured everything just as is shown in the video tutorials I’ve found… I reinstalled the editor… nothing helps. :frowning: Anybody had this issue?

Many thanks in advance for any help,