Material Layers and Landscapes

I briefly tried to cobble together a workflow that utilised Material Layers to set up and Landscape material to no avail.
I’m not sure if this is a limitation or not?

Is it at all possible to use the Landscape layer blending inside of a material layer blend function? It seems to only acknowledge the landscape layers if it’s in the main material, not the material layers nor the blend function.

I doubt the 2 systems would be compatible.
if they were you would quickly have shader complexity through the roof.

What is the purpose of this?
The easier you keep the landscape material, the less performance loss you get.

Basically the instanced parameters of material layers are ideal, they work great for standard assets; VS standard material functions which need a unique parameter per.
Ultimately you’d arrive at the same result, would just have to create less unique nodes in the end.

I had the same idea and came up against the same limitation.