Material is emissive in Mobile Preview?!

I created a default level and a material that only has a 250,0,0 vector as input for Base Color.
If I play in editor it shows as expected.
If I play in Mobile Preview, the material looks emissive.
What’s going on?

If you want a red color, you would use 1,0,0 as UE4 uses a 0-1 based approach (instead of 0-255). Mobile preview must use the value differently from the viewport for values over 1, not sure the exact reason, but give that a try. :slight_smile:

Here is some more info for you:

Thanks a lot, DotCam!
I feel a bit stupid now, of course, 0 to 1. Must be a late Saturday mind thing…
Cheers again!

No worries pal! Glad its all sorted out :slight_smile: