Material Effects like Metallic , Roughness , Normal don't work on GearVR

Hi~ Me again
I’m working on a GearVR demo.
The project can running on 59fps/s constantly under 1440P full resolution now,
But I was only using basecolor in all materials.

I read the GearVR manual that said Metallic,Roughness,Normal,Emissive are supported,
so I linked Roughness and Normal node to my Materials.(parameter node for Roughness;
normal map node for Normal)

As I expected, it didn’t work at all and fps droped a bit.

I switched to Android preview in my UE4, only basecolor showed too.

I’m pretty sure some of these effects need mobile HDR turned on - but beware this is a huge performance hit for mobile VR :wink: You will need to go through and turn everything not needed off and even then current gen phones would only support it for very small environments/projects

Some of those effects do work without mobile HDR however they behave very different and are much less pronounced :wink: