Material editor is convinced I'm trying to blend normals.

Hi! I use material functions for my landscape master material, which results in getting material attributes as outputs. I’m trying to blend some of my base colors using world aligned blend.

The reason for this is so that I can make use of the alpha output to get some more natural transitions between my materials. However, even though I am using GetMaterialAttributes, I get a error as if I am trying to use the alpha for a material containing normals. Which I am not.
Any ideas on how to work around this?

Both of the inputs into the lerp are base colors.

Best suggestion I can think of.
Double click the function. Copy the nodes that work with the 2 inputs you want to use. Create a new material function and use that one.

As far as I remember, PixelNormal is used by the Alpha output.

I would suggest copying the function over to a new one and making it your own by removing everything you don’t need and changing pixelnormalws to whatever works (vertexnormalws?)

@Graylord How did you end up dealing with this? I also want to use WorldAligned Blend but material editor is having none of it since I enabled Tesselation.

It’s been a while, but looking back at my landscape material, one of the key differences is that I ended up not using the alpha output from the world aligned node directly, but instead break the output w/normal texture and take the alpha from there. (or in my case I just used the red channel and in some cases inverted it, as that happened to be close enough for the textures I was using) I believe that’s what fixed it for me.