Material disappears briefly when recompiling.

Once you apply changes to the material for a recompile, the material goes to temp shader for a brief second and then applies the changes. I know I can essentially have externally tweakable params on an instance and just have a parent shader, but this still makes super hard to iterate on a shader when the previous result disappears as the new one is applied…its an iteration nightmare :frowning: This is a big one for artist.

I totally understand what you mean, This should go under Feedback. Unfortunately i don’t know why that change happened. Can’t the engine keep the last known save as a cached version until compile so that you can compare the 2 when the iteration happens? I personally believe this is a big problem indeed breaking the artists flow.

@UE Developers, Can you place that in a list to fix at least in the future updates?

Hi Paingate and DieByZer0. This is a known issue, and there is a ticket in our system about fixing it. A lot of our artists have the same complaint. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Yeah, i agree, this is a bog one

Im glad you guys have it on your list of things to fix!

Thanks for the quick Response Adric, We appreciate that you are working on it. Best regards.

Just an FYI, you can use Shift + L to display the remaining compile time the shader compiler has left to completion. But I am not sure if that shortcut chagned. Probally not helpful with the disapperaing issuse but atleast you will know how long you have to wait.

It now shows this automatically, it shows how many shaders are being compiled and counts down