material color is off

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out why my gray material is not baking gray. Looks more brown then gray. Weird thing is when I go to unlit it looks perfect but when I bake it its definitely not gray looking.

Doesnt matter what I put the material on in the scene it looks brown. If I change the color from gray to red or green, yellow etc no issues. Looks as you would think it would. Its just the gray color.

Any ideas?


Light has a temperature, for example sunlight is more on the warm side, so part of the color is from the outside light coming in.
Besides that, there’s bounce lighting, so the floor and the table are wood and on the brown side, and so the light will bounce off those surfaces and the color will be the same as the surface it bounced from.

That makes sense but then why if the color is white on the cabinets it shows up white not tan or brown?