Material applied to BSP looks correct, on mesh it does not. Why?

So in the screenshot, I have applied wood from the starter materials to a bps (left side). It looks correct when I render it (ie. it’s proportionate and looks like wood on a floor). However, when I apply the same material to a mesh from the ArchViz folder, it does not. Why is that and how can I fix it?


looks like a mapping issue, have you checked the tiling is set correctly?

Being a noob, I have not. Where would this be and how does the tiling work? Is it in the materials editor?

You can adjust the tiling by plugging a Texture Coordinate node into the texture node.
The BSP you can adjust the texturing by selecting the surface. For the static mesh if it doesn’t look the way you want by adjusting the tiling in the material then you would have to open the mesh in your 3D program (Blender, 3ds Max, Maya, etc.) and adjust your UV’s there

OK. That makes sense. I’ll try the texture coordinate node before diving back into 3D Studio Max UV’s. Thanks guys!