Material and shaders compiling

Recently, whenever i do anything with materials, it takes a long time before it is refreshed, even in the material editor, so i looked around and understand it is because of shaders recompiling.

What i don’t understand is why all my shaders are recompiling even when i just open a material (even a freshly created one that contains nothing yet), just opening the editor recompile the shaders and i have to wait, adding any node inside the material will also recompile them, even before i link it to anything.

I remember when i started my project, working with materials was close to instant in the rendering window, but now, it takes quit some times and i am afraid it will get worse as my project goes on.

Is it normal behavior ? is there no way to have only my current material getting refreshed in its rendering window, why does all my shaders are recompiled even with a material that is not used on anything yet ?