Matchmaking with unreal engien 4

So there’s games like clash of clans, that automatically searches for a match or call of duty, It manages it to get people together and start a match anybody knows how i would accomplish that ?

I recommend looking into Gamespark. They have a matchmaking solution and are free for smaller games.

Alrigth ill do that thank you.

Hi Neongho,

Just to give yourself (or anyone who comes across this post) a bit of GameSparks information…(Thanks for the mention by the way Piers909!)

GameSparks matchmaking is simple to use and we have a wide range of multiplayer tutorials to help you get sorted including matching players based on Rank like in games like Clash of Clans or CoD would have. Multiplayer - GameSparks Learn You might also be interested in our Heathstone Example that shows how GameSparks can be used for that type of multiplayer.

We also have an Unreal SDK which you can find here - SDK Center - GameSparks Learn

GameSparks prototyping and evaluation licence is free and which our Indie and Student programme, if you qualify, you can get your first 100,000 MAUs per month completely free!

If you have any questions about the platform, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our support team via - Support : GameSparks - we’d be happy to help in any way we can!

Best of luck with your project!

Ok ill give gamesparks a go let’s see if it’s easy enough.