Matching Cubemap with SSR

I have a very hard time setting up SkyLight correctly so I can still use Post Process SSR Intensity 100%

Hard to see, but it’s obvious effect where you have solid object reflections mixed with a sky (50%). It should cover reflection being a solid object (100%).
Maybe that’s recommended way of doing it, but I don’t want to leave this effect where I see sky mixed with solid object covering that sky!

So I can start tweaking values of SkyLight Cubemap to match 100% SSR so transition is seemless.

But when I do it I ruin my whole scene, shadows are getting dark and reflections are not same good as before.



Only with Intensity like this (0.3 cd) Cubemap matches SSR!

Any ideas how to achieve nice blending in a surface between SSR and Cubemap?
I was thinking about material which boost SSR reflections, cubemap reflections or both to match it on a material basis.

Still after 3 months I couldn’t find solution. Seems UE4 cannot handle this case.
There is literally no way of matching Skylight Cubemap with PP Ambient Cubemap.