Match 3 on android does not compile

Just tried a compile of Match 3 for an android and it immediately crashes. I did download the version on Google and it works great on my Nexus 9. I would like to use to make some mods to it for the android, but it does not compile.


  • When you say it does not compile, do you mean when you attempt to package the game?
  • What platform specifically are you attempting to package for (meaning Android ATC, ETC1…)?
  • If it works on your Nexus, what device is it not working on?
  • Can you run me through the process that you are taking when you are experiencing this compile error?

Thank you.


I am marking this topic as resolved for tracking purposes, as we have not heard from you in a few days. If this issue persists, please feel free to respond to this thread. For any new issues, please create a new Answerhub topic.

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