Match 3 - can't create project in 4.11

I had the Match 3 example installed and working under 4.10. I’ve since downloaded and successfully built 4.11 release source. This is on a Windows 10 machine.

The Match 3 project on my machine would not launch without a fatal error so I deleted the project via the Launcher UI. I then selected Match 3 in my Vault but was unable to create the project for 4.11, probably because I compiled rather than downloaded the 4.11 binaries.

So I downloaded 4.11 and can run either copy of 4.11 as needed. The Vault no longer shows the version setting option 4.11 in red but nothing happens if I click ‘Create.’

If I navigate to Learn in Launcher - and select Match 3 - I can Choose Version 4.11 but get stuck in ‘Syncing’ that never seems to end and doesn’t accomplish anything.

So at the current time - I’ve been unable to install and launch Match 3.

Hi RR,

I was able to reproduce this on our end as well and have reported this as JIRA [UE-29085]. However, I do not believe the issue is that the Demo is stuck syncing. Rather, it appears that the button is not functional at all and merely says “Syncing” while in a grayed out state.

That said, you can select the down arrow and choose to download the UE4.10 version. Once downloaded, you can open a copy of the Game in UE4.11. -However, I do not know if it will be completely compatible. If not, for learning purposes you could work with the UE4.10 version in UE4.10 until this issue has been corrected. -It is unlikely the two versions will be overwhelmingly different.


Thanks . The UE4.11 version of the Demo can now be downloaded correctly from Learn, creating a project works correctly, and the demo runs as it should. That was really quick!