Master Pose Pose able Mesh Crashes

Seems no one thought this would be a thing or all these crashes would not be happening.

I have a poseable mesh so I can set up things in the world. However, adding a master pose element with say shoes crashes it. Along with a dozen other things crashing it. I am really getting tired of this. I have asked how to get poseable mesh options from just the skeletal mesh but nothing, I asked how to combine them again nothing. I am reaching annoyance at this point. What the actual hell do I have to do to make this work?

I want it where I can edit bones rotations via a gui, I also want pose presets and be able to add rotation them this is not doable how I thought it was for some ungodly reason. I need clothes on the model but it just crashes if I want the rotate bone options because this entire thing is just fucktarded at this point. People seem to love ignoring any help that is asked of them I have ■■■■ that is 3 months old (some of these I half figured out no thanks to these forums) that never received an answer. Coming from the google it crowd who obviously knows it all you would think you guys would be kind enough to enlighten us with your godly knowledge at the very least but no.

I can google this all day but I have no idea what to google. Not even a little bit. Combine poseable mesh with skeletal mesh, nope nothing comes up. What am I to look for or has this software just reached a bloody impasse? If so then how do I do this or do I just settle for poses which would be dozens upon dozens and hope it works properly? I am tired and annoyed. Facebook groups are all about google it, banned for asking too many questions here ignore the question for months and never really answering half of them eventually answering them with google it half the time I am given an answer. So what is the point of facebook groups and these forums if no one will answer a question?