Massive virtual screen instead of actual VR - possible ?

Is it possible to allow user to play a game made for Gear VR in a large virtual screen (as if player is in a movie theater and plays on movie screen; kinda like Netflix’s Void theater) instead pf regular VR experience ?

If so, how ? Thanks.

P.S. Basically I’d like to offer 2 modes - one for normal people who want to experience VR, and one for those folks who thinks VR is like a big screen TV strapped into you face where you play a VR game as if it’s conventional PC/console game (controlling character/cam strictly with gamepad).

I guess you can have one camera, that’s attached to the HMD, in a closed room, with a second “action” camera that’s driven with the controller inside the world, which is projected on a plane/TV/whatever :))

Check the “Reflections” in the content examples for how to do the latter.