Mass apply staticmesh settings


I’m trying to get a workflow from rhino into unreal with many meshes (archviz). I’m exploring a few different ways of doing this and on one, the bottleneck is importing many static meshes at once. It seems like I’d have to tweak settings on each one and I’m curious if there’s a better way to template this or copy them from one to another. For instance, If I import 100 walls as separate static meshes and I’d like them all to per poly collision (yes I understand that’s lazy). That’d be a double click on each one then change to “use complex for simple” Any other way to do this? I can’t figure out good keywords to find an answer.


Select them in the content browser and choose “Property Matrix” from the right-click menu. Not every option is available there (some things done thru details panel customizations won’t show up), but for any supported properties, you can bulk-edit them in the property matrix.

Michael Noland

Bingo! This works for what I was saying and many other properties. Thanks for the quick response.