Marketplace Wishlist and EG Launcher filters

Hi Epic Team!

For sure this must be already suggested and you, readers, must missed it sometimes:

I would want to suggest you to add a button on the Marketplace to add item to a Wishlist. A price tracker or history would be really great too, but I perfectly understand it may be not the best thing for sellers (as me, even). But at least a Whishlist! Many times I have had ideas about possible games, for example, and have seen a lot of assets I would buy, but with the time I finish forgeting most of them.

And, for those who have a lot of content on our accounts, it would be really useful too to be able to short the packs we have in the Epic Launcher, at least with the same categories as the webpage of the Marketplace. But even a much more useful thing would be to have the abbility to add our custom tags to every pack, and we could search them introducing tags on the searchbar, so thid would become a custom shorting system and category manager with that “simple” implementation.

Thank you and best regards!

Came in to see if anybody else requested this, too, and it looks like you also found CGeorges’ tool. :smiley:

For anybody else coming in, here’s the other thread – Unreal Marketplace Wishlist/Tracker - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums

And a link to CGeorges’ site –

Yes, found it! But Im not able to log in nor register with a new account…

Anyway an official feature would be perfect, and George’s could still be used to use it as a Price Tracker!