Marketplace UI Update! *Please Read*

Hey guys!

So this is a smaller update but we do want you to be aware of it. There will be an update to the Marketplace UI regarding sales. Sometime this month you will see a new setup for sales. The sale category will no longer be in the dropdown category but will be found on the home tab along with “New Content”, “Vault” and “Home”. In addition to this we’ll also have a specific section for Event Sales for any promotions or sales that Epic puts on (such as the Summer Sale, Halloween Sale, etc.). You will still be able to find all content that’s on sale in the main sale category.

The goal with this change was to make all the sales more prominent and easy to find as well as address the confusion of where to find the Epic run sales. We hope that these changes provide a much better experience going forward and we’re excited to see what you think. As always, if there are any questions or feedback that you have on this, if there’s something you’d like to see in addition to this please let us know by sending us a message at:



Your sale tab will really quickly be flooded with content. There are already 3 pages of content. Really not sure as to how tackle this problem.
Maybe setting some sub categories for content on sale as well. Otherwise it’s a pain to navigate and find stuff you’re actually looking for.
Just my 2 cent


Thanks for the feedback! I can’t guarantee this will be implemented, however I will pass along the feedback to be considered.

I’ve explained the probleme here:
Basically many of the packages on the on sale tab are just abusing the system.

can i have a summary of that post, its not available for noncreators :frowning:

There are packages with 5, or 10 or 15 percent off that aren’t really offering a discount that’d matter to anyone. But are rather tagged with a discount so they can stay on the On Sale tab for months. So more people would see and purchase them. For example $90 package is discounted 5%. I wonder why it was allowed. Surely degrading the experience with On Sale tab being cluttered with false deals.

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