marketplace sumbiting 3d models

1.4.2.b Upon initial submission and approval, every product must contain a Project Version that has the latest version of Unreal Engine as a Supported Engine Version.

Does it mean, that if i want to sumbit a 3d models assets I have to use a last version of UE4 ?

For now 22 is final release
But can i submit 3d model assets from 21 release ?

Depending on the assets some can be converted automatically without problems, but some do give errors when converting them. it is always recommended to use the compatible version, in the last instance you could export the non-compatible assets to a program like 3ds Max, or blender. but it already requires more advanced knowledge. Conversions can be made from the epic game launcher when you select the option to add to the project. in the process it will tell you if it can be converted or not.