Marketplace/Launcher UX Still Terrible

Probably repeating what’s been stated before but I’m really baffled as to how the experience has still not improved with all these years.

I have a massive asset library, finding things is not intuitive. This could really be improved in many ways beyond simply improving the layout.
My main issue though is I never know if anything has had a meaningful update when I’m constantly using different machines and launchers.
I’m currently resorting to downloading basically my entire collection for 4.25. I think if you use the same machine always you will get an update icon on the asset.
What I really want is release notes to reference.
People are still resorting to using 3rd party to wishlist stuff they are not prepared to pay full price for.
I’m sure I could go on and into further detail with everything that bothers me about using it.
Mostly my real headache is around migration to later releases. Track my downloads on the account. Let me know if something has changed since the last time I downloaded it please.

Now it stopped to inform me assets already exist it project from “whatever I was downloading”, or something to that effect. Do you want to overwrite?I choose no and now my queue has stopped and I can’t figure out how to start it up again. :confused:

Okay seemed just like lag while it was thinking about something I guess, it started again minutes later.