Marketplace downloaded assets are present But Not visible in the Editor

Hi guys i downloaded many assets from makerket place sometime are not compatible versions but i’m sure there is some way to make them work in my version
for example Kitedemo works fine GrassLand Grassthat everything works fine. I’m trying to make works UrbanMaterial pack and Procedural Nature Pack Vol.1

file were downloaded in documents/unreal projects can you answer me please? there is something that i can do ?

One asset created in one UE4 release can be used at superior releases but not the opposite, because the saved project files are not backwards compatible anymore. Your project file in this case would need to be in a release superior of the entire set of assets, which will make them automatically compatible (but won’t mean they will work depending on the asset: example C++ plugins).

Be more specific with your project release and each asset release that we might help you figuring it out.