Marketplace Credits for Sellers ( optional )

Firstly , a big thank you note to Epic for allowing us to profit generously from Marketplace and also the setting up of proper
QA that makes the store looks much more attractive than other game app store that generally looks like a huge mess.

I hope my suggestion don’t come off as being too greedy.

Suggestion :
I was hoping Epic could give us an option to convert some of our profits to credits in marketplace ( before royalty ) .
Maybe 5% or so to the maximum of X amount.

Here’s the thing , I see a lot of stuff on marketplace that I would really really love to support.
But currency conversion for some countries are horrendous. Although this means that our profits
give us positive edge , but as currencies become volatile banks are increasing their charges like mad.
But inward and outwards conversion are horrible.

Some of the assets here cost about 10% of a mean household income in our country (Malaysia).
It makes us think many times over for a simple 30 dollar asset.
I’m aware I shouldn’t measure development tool like domestic products , but I’m hoping as a seller
we could get put some of our own profit back into credits before royalty, to utilize them to buy some stuff.


I like the idea :slight_smile: It would probably make me buy more on the marketplace.