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BP Split-screen helper functions:

Can’t change these Split-screen settings in BP at runtime:

  1. Toggle “Two player splitscreen layout” Vertical / Horizontal
  2. Toggle ‘Use Split-Screen’ to use multi-player same screen…

How about this plugin:;

Doesn’t that take care of your requirements, or is that for 3D (one player)? Hard to tell, but I’m guessing it’s meant for 3D (one player) actually.

Anyway, the LE Extended Standard Library has a plugin to enable/disable split screen (something like “Set Split Screen Enabled”).

Lastly, if you want I could add another blueprint to that plugin with which you can select the type of splitscreen you’ll have, the possible splitscreen types are:

  1. No split
  2. 2 player horizontal split
  3. 2 player vertical split
  4. 3 Player split with 1 player on top and 2 on bottom
  5. 3 Player split with 1 player on bottom and 2 on top
  6. 4 Player split

Looks interesting, particularly the possibility to perhaps ‘force’ local split-screen onto different monitors.
But as a product it needs a proper FAQ… The Questions / Answers aren’t clear or conflict with the spec.
Wasn’t looking for something so over-engineered + Its unknown if the performance matches SS in UE4.
Regardless, thanks for the tip and I’ll pm the author. Before I was just looking for BP SS helper functions.


   I mean can I set one screen to be visible on 1st monitor and other on 2nd monitor ?  
2017-07-31 8:21 am    

yehaike   Hi, Terena. Yes, you can. Please refer to this video:  
2017-07-31 9:11 am    

Terena   Is it possible to create a multi screen game using this plug in ?  
2017-07-28 1:51 am    

yehaike   Hi, Terena.
Excuse me, do you mean a split screen UE4 Application? This plugin supports the multi-screen game which has multi PCs(each PC has a UE4 Client, each UE4 Client could have the ”Asymmetric View Frustum“ function or "Side-by-Side Stereo 3D“ function).
Welcome your comments.  


Only saw your edit now! Yes adding that as a feature would be huge! Thanks in advance dude!

It shouldn’t be that much work, so it will be added soon (in less than 2 days time).

I’ll post here again when it’s done.

It is done.

I found out that you can’t set the splitscreen type directly, but instead, you can configure what splitscreen type it should have for 2 players (horizontal/vertical) and 3 players (big-top/big-bottom).

When you update the plugin and search for “split screen” you’ll find the new blueprints.

I’ve only tested them in the editor (on windows), I haven’t tested them in a packaged build yet. If you find out they don’t work on a certain platform or build, let me know.

Can’t wait for 4.18 release to hit the marketplace… Thank you so much dude!

Shopping Mall, Trailer Park, Factory, China Town, A Melee & Shooter package in one (with integration tutorial using a well known project like Generic Shooter, nothing like this exist anywhere), L4D2 Style Scoring System (where you score based on progress across a map), L4D2 Style Steam Group Joiner, L4D2 Style Steam Group Servers List on the Main Menu. Plugin that allows you to drop in anims and automatically generates the Blendspace and all for you.

I’d love to see a plugin for procedural grass on static meshes, not just landscapes, with the same exact functionality (masking the areas where grass/foliage need to go). BP solution is doable (using importance sampling), but too slow (already tested).

Seems like that could be done using the same rules that the Nav Mesh uses.

The 4.18 version is now available on the marketplace.


You’re a hero, it works great. Thanks again dude! :slight_smile:

I would like to see some boat asset, where is drivable boat and then maybe also some futuristic vehicle where are weapons attached

I also would love somekind like this: . Kit where is basic ai, animations and also sword and archery weapon. There is several assets where is sword and ai but archery weapon and its animations is missing. Also some kind of GTA style asset would great. Even that kind of asset would be maybe too expensive

More highly detailed cars and boats

I would like also boat system where they float in ocean. There isn¨t much boat assets. But heist style asset that unity has many, i would pay even 200-300$

It would be great to have a spell checker plugin. Useful if the game is text-heavy and designers/writers use editor text/dialogue tools.
There’s no point in making another dialogue/quest plugin (there are few of them already), but spell checker would be great :slight_smile:

For Commenting / fixing Blueprint-Comments etc, it could be a really helpful time saver…
Assuming something like Microsoft-Office or LibreOffice etc, is installed locally on a PC…
Can Blutility instance COM objects / call into Office from BP to execute a Spell Check?

Code plugin developer here.

Spellchecking probably isn’t going to happen, because the only proper way of making it work would be by porting ‘hunspell’ over to UE4 C++, which would be a lot of work (like 5-10 plugins worth of work). Maybe you could try importing the DLLs, but that might not work on all platforms, so doing that in a plugin is a bad idea (but you could try doing that for your own project, since you know what platforms you’ll be exporting to).

Anyway, as always, I would like to know:

  • What limitations in blueprint are you currently running into?
  • What functionality can you come up with that currently isn’t achievable with blueprint alone?

And as earlier said GTA/heist style asset would be great, even very complicated to do, but this is good example even not coming for sale to marketplace, but this is what i would want: