Marketplace Content - What would you like to see from the community?

I like the greenlight process, I too would be a fan of making sure of functional but semi quality items get in. I don’t mind low poly (‘less quality’ art/code) as this could be an entry point for many beginning modeler/programmers/designer. It would be nice for them and us because of lower quality stuff could go for cheaper prices (which i am all for). Its a tough balance.

Definitely shaders and dynamic skyboxes. Some sort of dynamic weather system would be nice as well, that would include rain, snow, sandstorms, etc. Special effects is another thing that would interest me.

People could track the source data of the asset and hack it. Unless there’s a way to protect it? If so threejs is a good candidate.

If you let people freely download the geometry and textures to display somewhere, no matter how strong encryption and nonsense you use, someone will steal it.

I have one question:

To be able to use Marketplace to sell plugins, models, etc, do we need to have an active license? Or can cancel my license and still be able to keep selling on Maketplace?

i will vote for particles, materials and animated models.

Alex, I’m no lawyer, but as far as I am aware, your “license” is always active for the version you download, if you have paid once. You just don’t “get a new license” for the latest versions of the engine.

What I mean is: If someone cancel his subscription, will he still have acess to sell models on marketplace? If so, that ok.

Honestly, I would like to see more plug ins and extensions. Having models/textures/assets in a game designer’s marketplace makes for a ton of games that all look alike (this should be a no brainer). You shouldn’t even start a game project if you’re not going to create your own assets. But, better support for programs like Blender would be nice - even if it’s just a skeletal mesh I could model around or something that creates better Blender to .fbx support. Things like that are whats important because not everybody can afford Maya. If you’re going to do models then make them generic things like walls, doors, boxes etc. Things that pretty much look the same everywhere. I could see that being useful. Maybe guns with all the necessary code attached? Animations would be nice (character animations that is). But otherwise I think the marketplace is just fine as is so far. I know there’s work to be done but it’s headed in the right direction as far as I’m concerned.

For me most important thing would be quality control. Knowing that if I am purchasing something it will work as expected.

That said, I would like to see:
Material and effects libraries.
Different setups for a atmospheric conditions with good sound… (Snow, snow storm, rain, thunderstorm, heavy wind, fog.)
Back plates (deserts, mountains, hills, plains).

Most of those things can be found inside free content that Epic released to Marketplace but you need to hunt for it. Maybe Epic could rearrange those assets into categories that will be available on market place?

I would like to see

1:some kind of plugins
Let say super power plugin… where it opens a window where you can set all your super power (sprint, jump, transformation, fire power ice power and so on) for exemple, tweak them to your need then having an auto blueprint built that place it all in place for you.

Or let say water generator plugin… where it give you a spine tool and more that generate rivers, pond, ocean, water physic, underwater Hue, falls and so on where you could again tweak the water current and so on

Or lets say an easy path generator plugin for AI and animals for exemple with random action based on your settings

Or atmospheric condition from a plugin… again you tweak it and it get auto generated in the lvl blueprint

2: Lots of Assets of course

3: Material

4: Animals with working skeleton

5: Particles!! I love beautiful particles

I am just a enthusiasm map builder… I know nothing of coding and I am not an artist… I learned most of the basic blueprint stuff but I would really like to be able to build a game/lvl the way I want using free and paid stuff and If I could have it simplified by some really functional plugins, that would make it perfect for me!!

I love the engine… I spend more time playing with it than gaming lol

Thanks, everyone for all the excellent discussion and ideas here. We have opened a New Marketplace Forum]( to go along with today’s announcement about Marketplace](

We can’t wait to see what you all create :slight_smile:

Animation Packs!!

Good idea but what about the costs that will?

Most important to me are editor extensions, for sure. Content is all well and good, but new features are what get me really interested.

The first on my list, and on at least 60 other users’ lists: ProBuilder

I personally would like to see this.

I know that it is possible however I am not a programmer. I would be willing to team up with a programmer to help make it. :slight_smile:

We’re impressed by ProBuilder as well! Even before we have full code plugin support we can work with certain developers to make their features available to UE4 developers (for example SpeedTree), although we are definitely committed to supporting code plugins as soon as possible. I want to make sure Epic is never a bottleneck for awesome developers making awesome stuff available to other developers. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it already exists, but I would love something that distorts sound based on the environment. For anyone who’s played the Destiny Beta, there’s a very noticeable difference in sound between shooting indoors or outdoors. If there’s a lot of metal, the sound will bounce around more compared to a normal brick room or outdoors.

So something that would allow a level designer to set up a volume and set that volume’s “Sound Environment” as “metallic”, “hollow”, “open space”, … would be cool.

Even cooler would be if the sound is distorted automatically based on the static meshes and their materials.

Comprehensive VR peripheral support plugins with examples.

I would love to see animations – the standarized humanoid skeleton idea is amazing. I’ve been working with MakeHuman, Mocap data and Blender in the past few weeks and it’s so freaking hard to get polished animations that my hair will probably turn grey if I continue. Good plugins (e.g. character creator, Unity’s UMA comes to mind) would be great as well.

You might want to check the Content Examples project, in the Audio map blueprints 1.9 and 1.10 might interest you (They are related to different sound volumes, e.g. inside and outside sound. I’m not sure if it has all the features you need but it’s a start)