Marketplace Content - What would you like to see from the community?

Material packages tops our list.

We can build anything we want in a reasonable amount of time but coming up with the perfect material is by far the most time consuming vampire as part of the build process.

Animation packages, in FBX source of course, would be second on the list.

Overall common build elements sorted into share based folders easy to catalog. The most annoying thing about asset collecting is not knowing what you already have or browse a properly formatted content folder.

If we can buy something that does not require reinventing the wheel the more the better.

An Internet based asset management application would be nice as well. Daz Studio for example would be a perfect solution if it could access and make use of an Internet connected asset server.

My apologies, I should have scaled it back. It was an attempt to concur with a standardize modular entity system. Anyways, it has no relation to the poll (which is all it was). People didn’t like the concept. Fair enough, however, to imply dubious intent (scam) is unfair and I kindly ask you not to associate my name with such activity. The post was removed.

I’m glad someone mentioned Audio! Totally something I’d love to see show up as well.

Let’s do it :slight_smile:

Ok, done :smiley:

  • Envrio packs, (as in Unity Store),
  • Characters with animations!
  • Player hands for FPP and weapons, (it’s really hard to find one)
  • Particles,
  • Materials with textures,
  • Sounds,
  • UI gfx,
  • Plugins / Blueprints with some functionality (for example gesture system or minimap or fog of war)

It would be really nice to get promotions with mixed content - for example dungeon envrio pack (from artist X), fantasy weapon pack (from artist Y), fantasy characters (from artist Z), sounds etc - one big pack from different publishers but with price drop. I don’t know if this can be done but I would like to buy stuff like that in Unity Store.

btw which version are you targeting to open Marketplace to publish some stuff?

Hi my idea would be to make the Market Place more like Steam.

Then we can also sell our games on it not just assets!

(Or at least the market place would deal with the financials and infrastructure and we would sell the games on our own websites).

What do you think of this? :D/

I’d love to see more plugins and macros/function libraries that makes stuffs easier in Blueprints. Also newer projects too that gives a head start for new users (like RPG Kit, Racer Kit etc). :slight_smile:

I’m more interested in editor extensions than content. Particularly things for in-editor level design like these:

ProCore series:
Mega series:

+100000 :slight_smile:

Agreed - I would like to see more editor extensions than “Content”. Anyone can make content in one shape or form. :slight_smile:
There are a fair few plugins that are better especially in the road department that I Would like to see for Unreal.

Take a look at this -
Road Architect

As for Voxel Terrain -
Voxel Farm

Plenty of videos if you Google VoxelFarm.

There is also PolyVox - See here.
Which is opensource under the Zlib license. :slight_smile:

Personally I would like to see some sort of planetary rendering solution similar to OUTERRA

Anyway - Just my 2 cents.

Also agree, I mean who serious about game development wants to use models that are available to everyone, you want your game to be somewhat unique not look cookie cutter. At the same time I can see basic stuff like wall models, pipes, and railings, things like qbert pointed out alright. Especially since we aren’t supposed to use bsp according to the developers(I still don’t get that and think that needs to be changed asap, no other engine is like that) but nothing as detailed as characters. If you’re going that route you’re just not serious about making a game. However some cookie cutter animations that are very easy to use would be great, it’s not something as easily noticed when multiple games use the same animation set.

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Thanks everyone for the thoughts and ideas. I’m really excited to see what marketplace becomes, and hope you all are too.

Any ETA on when we can upload stuffs to Marketplace?

I dont have any new news to share quite yet, but I’ll definitely keep everyone in the loop as things change :slight_smile:

Tutorials from community categorized by type and required skill level(Like Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and etc) with option to donate to autor.

I’m offering myself to model all variety of assets, like modular city elements, houses, some rocks and cliffs.
All textured with tillable textures and with a material based on splat map that blends 3 layers which includes diffuse, specular, normal and emission.
In a near future when we will see some improvements for skin shader and hair I’m planning to create some animated civilian characters rigged with all twists (roll bones), and also with a cloth setup.
My rig is very particular and can be used in 3ds max only to get the advantage of those twists. I asked on the other thread if it will be possible to attach source files, but I didn’t get a response yet.
I’m thinking about vegetation, but I didn’t master a proper workflow for it yet… and there is speedtree, so it isn’t on my priority list.
I will give more info and some screenshots after 25th of August, since I’m in vacation holidays now and out of my workstation.
Anyways, sorry for my bad English, and cheers. Dzodzu

Sure. Waiting to hear that good news…:slight_smile:

There’s a lot that I would love to see, like themed, modular level design kits, UI libraries and Blueprint libraries.

On a related note, I would love to sell sound and music packs on the marketplace. Who can I get in touch with to line that up?