Marketplace Assets still not downloadable after purchase


I’m still unable to download content that I purchased almost a week ago - and no response from anyone at epic when I posted on the Marketplace forum, this forum and also direct email to marketplace-support. I am feeling like you are purposely ignoring me.

Can you please fix this for us and stop this kind of thing from happening again. It is unacceptable to pay money then receive nothing - sounds a bit like “theft” from a lawyers point of view…

Please - it’s still the “sync” issue that has been plaguing you since day one - removing the “syncing” message doesn’t fix it, just sweeps it under the carpet.

This is your “Front End” - it is what all UE users go to - when it doesn’t work you are letting your whole team down - and making us feel we’ve made a big mistake in supporting you.


Have you guys thought about “Bug Bounties” where you pay others to fix your bugs?

Hi Richard!

I’m sorry for the delay in response on our end. Can you please PM me the assets that are stuck on syncing?