Marketplace adding individual items into bulk packs to grant users discounts for items they own

I find myself often browsing the marketplace and one of things that bothers me is occasionally i’ll want to pickup one or two individual items on a user that does lots of bundle packs of their individual items and is still creating more. So they might release 2 units as they make them and when they release 5 or 6 they also release a bulk purchase set.

The marketplace should allow those creators to just sell their individual packs together as a bundle and to add more individual items to them if they desire to keep expanding them.

This means if i bought orc archer and orc swordsmen from a creator and then later he releases a orc army bundle pack with all the models the bundle should just be all the items combined and discounted at the users chosen rate.

Example there are 5 orcs in the orc army pack and each one sells individually for $30 but the bundle sells for $100 instead of $150. This means the user has set the bundle price to be 66.67% Further more if they like they can still put that $100 orc army on sale for 20% off selling it for $80 temporarily during a sale each individual item now being worth $20*.8.

So that if i own 2 of the orcs from the bundle from individual purchases and i buy the orc bundle purchase i should get $20 off for each one that i own marking it down to $60 for me to pickup the remaining 3 orcs instead of 90 to buy them individually outside the bundle.

Or if there is a 20% sale i’d get $16 off per orc taking it from 80 down to $48 for the remaining 3 in the bundle that i dont have.

I’ve noticed that heaps of creators end up doing a bundle package for their content so all im suggesting is that you allow them to do it through the store so they can sell everything individually and can use the store tools to create bundles using their individual products and select their own mark down rate for the bundles base price which can further be discounted by sales and discounts for any of the individual items that a user already owns.

If the store already does this i apologise for the waste of time but i’ve just been looking at Protofactor Incs models on the marketplace and they use the same ones in many bundles that cross over so its very unclear how much can be saved i own some of their models and would have to buy them again in other bundles to get the other units i desire. I can’t tell if im getting a discount for the ones i already own. The steam store has a nice way of crossing them out to show which ones you’re buying and which ones you dont need.