Market Place and Blue Prints?

Do I understand Blue prints correctly? Can they be exported intact and moved from project to project? Could I trade them on a market place?

If so where is that market place, it seems like everyone is create a lot of the same content over and over?

I’d like to share my content with others so I can focus on real creative parts of my project and not make doors open.

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Blueprints can be copied and moved wherever. I back my blueprints in the Cloud for instance.

Market place isn’t open to everyone yet, but they are working on it.

Don’t know if BP’s will be sellable as they are pretty easy to copy and probably very hard to prove they are your own unique work.

Complete packages with BP + art + etc will definitely be for sale though, so maybe you can sell a BP by itself.

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How is access to the market place controlled now?

Epic can upload projects on the marketplace. You can download them, if you have an active engine subscription.

I don’t think it has been announced yet, what kind of assets will be sold over the marketplace and how it will work. We just know that it will be public and that they’re working on it.

From the FAQ:

Yes we can have many blue prints from the market place as they are available and easily accessible for the every person for free because these are public assets.