map on screen for player?

Hi, I was wondering how I would go about having a map of the area show up on screen.

For example, my map is just a single image of the area.

The player presses “M” and the map appears on screen.
They press “M” again and it goes away.

Is this possible? It doesn’t have to show where they are, just using it as a reference point if they are lost…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Gamer3000 - “Female game developers rock!”

Hey Gamer3000,

A simple way to do this if you have a map texture would be to create a UMG widget that displays itself when a certain key is pressed. The widget only needs to display the image so it would be relatively simple.

If you want a “live” view of the area around the player, one of the guys from Epic just created a tutorial on how to make a “mini-map” using UMG. It is not exactly the same, but you could make the UMG widget cover a larger portion of the screen.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile: