Many material uassets package larger for iOs than Android (sometimes ~10 times larger)

I unpacked our builds to see where I could optimize the download size and noticed that iOs vs Android had huge differences in the size of material uassets - in some cases the same material uasset would be about ten times the size when built for iOs than for Android. Has anyone run into something like this? Any tips in dealing with materials for iOs builds?

(the material uasset sizes were compared uncompressed after extracting them from their paks in ipa & apk)

Thanks for any help!:slight_smile:

I found that iOS builds that include Metal & OpenGL together include space overhead for each material .uasset - building for only one or the other cooked the same material uassets as fractions of the combined build that neatly add up. For our project the OpenGL-only material uassets were about 50% of their Metal-only counterpart and the build for both combined their overhead. I know Apple separates out the binaries but do they also separate uassets in the pak? I doubt it, but I don’t know :frowning:

On a side-note, it seems like material instance assets cook to the same size as their parent material uassets. Maybe that makes sense but I expected the instances would be lightweight… go figure.