Manual LOD Control?

Hello again! I am nearing completion for my Capital Space ship and I just thought, Once the player is docked inside and is running around the corridors and what not. I will be inside the Capital ship mesh? So won’t this make the game Render the highest quality LOD mesh available as I am literally inside it? I have not tried it out yet but I was thinking ahead, so is there a way to set it so when you’re inside the ship the outside hull is not rendering or is at it’s lowest Res?

Here is the outer mesh for my capital ship.

You could do a separate mesh for the interior, and place trigger volumes around all the entrances/exits so that when you go inside, it sets the visibility of the exterior ship mesh to invisible.

Oh right! Thank you when the model has been imported I’ll be doing this straight away! The plan was to have the hangar separate too anyways!