Manipulating Static Meshes [Beginner Question]

Looking at the screenshot in the link above…For the selected wall with a door I want to shrink the green axis (y? sorry, don’t have the editor open) so the wall is half the size it is now. Then I’m going to alt-drag the half wall over so I have a full wall with 2 doors. What’s the best way to shrink that axis from only one direction? Does it involve moving the pivot point to the far right edge? Because I can’t figure out how to do that

You can’t, if you shrink the wall in Y, the door will become half its original width.

If thats ok for you, with the walneselected, look in the details panel on the right for the location, rotation and scale numbers (colored red, blue hnd green). decrease the y scale to 0.5 then clone the wall

That’s not ok. I want the door to remain the same size. So what’s my best option to remove the right half of the wall while keeping my door size the same?

You would have to change the actual mesh, you can’t modify a static mesh in UE4 that way.