Managing Resources in UE4

Hey Guys,

me and a friend are developing an offline RPG and we had a discussion on the object "How to store our i.e. questtexts, stats on items …
My idea was to store those resources in some kind of offline database-like structure while he wants “inside the code” as default values for the variables.

When you’re familiar whit big data managment and/or other programming languages you will notice that variableassignments aren’t a good way to store data properly (check this if not.Magic number (programming) - Wikipedia).
Since I’m new to UE4 I’m not sure whats the best practice for this scenario, that’s why im asking you guys.

I tried to find something to this topic and didn’t get lucky unfortunatly, so I hope you can help me… thanks in advance.

Hmm, did you check Datatables? Google it. :slight_smile:

That helps a lot thanks you so much :).